Day 1:

3 min


Dear dairy,

It’s my first time writing in here and I’m going to consider you to be a human friend, so please bear up with me. And also I probably might be rude at times, I know you wouldn’t retort like others and are my safest haven for now… Unless someone steals you.

So let me start, It was quite a ruthless day, first thing I wake up only to hurry my way to college, I was running late ofcourse. My mistake I was binge watching the whole show yesterday night. And the worst? Well I’ll tell you, It’s Sunday. Period.

I am so dumb that I totally forgot what day it was, I did listen to mom trying to stop me, I thought she was asking me to have breakfast and that she was gonna get me more late. I should have listened more clearly. And then what happens? I was in front of my college gate and the security gives me a weird look, well at this time I still didn’t realise.. I was actually begging him to let me go inside (my college is pretty strict with timing stuff, and considering how late I already was I had no chance getting in..). He told me it was sunday and that’s when it strikes me, not that I’m an idiot but that I’m mastering the skill to humiliate myself. Well I had to cover up telling it was all a bluff and was trying to scare him and also that he’s pretty sharp. I’m pretty sure he saw right through my act.

As if that was not it, on my way back home, a car went through a puddle of water… I was right beside it and you know what would have happened. I hate today like anything else. Nope not because of what happened till now but because of what happened after that… I ran into my crush . I just tried to keep to myself as I walked back home ( my home is a 15 min walk distance so I prefer walking) but look what a horrible timing… Someone dig me a grave. Not a moment of thought, I started running away. He must think I’m some maniac. 

And for the last incident , my running that time was probably the third worst thing, I bumped into Uncle Ron. He was carrying these huge pile of books. He is usually a very angry man when someone interrupt’s him during his busy time. I’d usually keep my way off him during his busy days and today was surly one which I should have avoided. He asked me to make up for what I did and I had no choice, he asked help him with the picking up those books but he ultimately made me do other works too . What can be more horrible!! I wasn’t even clean and I don’t think uncle Ron can look through the situation. That’s when I found you, and wanted to steal it .. no not stealing, I worked way more I deserved it, yet I asked him, probably trying to be decent enough. To my surprise he actually agreed no bargain or word fight, he just handed you to me. 

I returned home and ofcourse , after changing to good pair of clothes I opened you but to my surprise I find these words in the first page of you,

With long abide the memories, you need a personal friend, 

               –Love Uncle Ron.”

He was actually planning to give it to me. I don’t know what sort of magic it had on me, I thought I should give writing in you a try. But Hey! No kidding, it’s a true joy. Bidding farewell for now.

Write soon.

Yours Aki.

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