Day 2: the Disaster Cake

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Dear dairy,

Should I just start with what’s on my mind or say it from the very start? Listen I have no clue about writing stuff to start with. It’s just that when I see you, you remind me of Uncle Ron. When was the last time did I ever receive anything sensible. Anyways I’ll quit beating around the bush and come straight to point. 

So mom baked a cake… So far so good, right? Why would anyone let a cake rot away for another second? So I ate it. Trust me, I just had the last bite left when mom calls me ( she wasn’t home by the way, so I had the luxury to have the whole cake for myself), she tells me Alex’s family was to come for dinner and dared me to even touch the cake.

My whole minds blank. If it were other people, I wouldn’t care less but it was Alex’s family! Do you remember I told you I ran into my crush the other day, it’s him. First thing, I already feel stupid for how I ran away yesterday and now my mom would have clusters to speak ill about me infront of them. 

Alex’s parents and my parents have been friends since they were high schoolers. And somehow they’ve been intact till today. Their Gorgeous son… Alex, it’s less even if I spent years talking about him. Ok ok ! I ll be on point. I need to do something. I can’t let the love of my life have a disastrous dinner, he loves cake the most!

I decide to hit the nearest bakery and good heaven lord I can be named queen of bad luck. The bakery shop was closed.  Just as I started to walk for the other good bakery that I knew, my mom calls, asking me to come home as she was already home and I had the key. 

I was clue less, but I started walking back my way home. I know I’m stupid, mom would know that it’s not the cake she made even if I bought one some how. 

I decided to let myself grieve over the situation anyway, just then Emma calls me, she’s one of my friend. She told she just baked a cake and wants me to have it. What could be the odds? My inner spirit rises again. I can finally make up to eating the whole cake. I ran my way there and took the cake, didn’t take a glance at it even once and wasted no time at her place, mom was waiting for me after all.

I told her everything and also that I made up to it as I was baking at Emma’s house. I “Lacked” the skill to bake but Emma helped me.. that was my reasoning to mom. She probably did want to say a word or two but maybe the cake settled it all. 

It was almost six in the evening and Alex’s parents were home, but he wasn’t. I was disappointed. Well my mom proudly served them the cake I “made” and I actually feigned a sense of pride for the cake I didn’t even see. Alex’s dad being a sweet tooth took quite a big peice at once and so did everyone else, but me.. after all I made the it for them and the chef get away with the eating. But only if I knew what was going to happen ahead.

Everyone started choking.My mom started screaming at me as she coughed her way, “who the hell adds salt in a cake?”

WHAT!!? I took a peice and tasted. Yuck! It’s so salty, it’s as if it’s made of salt entirely!!

I had quite an earful from mom and probably Alex’s parents are pretty disappointed of me too. Mom somehow managed to get the situation under control despite her being effected by my dramatic “Cake”, I apologized to them too. Dinner went smooth if you ignore the fact that their taste buds are ultimately destroyed. 

Emma will have an earful tomorrow, I assure you. 

But I’m actually happy now that Alex didn’t show up, and the fact that dad was away on work made me feel less of guilty. After all the two men I love are saved from the very Disastrous Cake.

So, I’ll write to you tomorrow. I’ll probably do something stupid tomorrow too, it’s just a part of me now.


Yours Aki.

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