From the depths of Heart……

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From the depths of Heart......

Engineering College Life…………..

A part of our life which teaches what life is. It teaches about friendship, fights, gangs, bunks and what enjoyment is simultneoulsy making us ready for our next part of life……..

College life also teaches a thing, “Love”…those who find it, enjoy it, those who lost it, carry it rest of their lives. Love stories are a totally different, no ones knows how they start, on whom they start and when they start.

If we would known that, i would be the first person to skip that day… that moment….that place……and that person.

It was a regular day at college. Classes and classes. After lunch i was busy with some work my seniors assigned me. Suddenly i saw her for the first time in canteen. She was the most beautiful girl i have seen. I liked her but who knows that someday she would be the first person i fall in love for. You see, First love is a most intresting thing. Though how may love relations you have, first love is always unique. It lasts long , sometimes even more than the relationship and leaves a deep mark in heart.

We used to chat daily which developed into regular calls thrice a day. The morning would start with her message and day would end with it. A deep friendship started amoung us. We used to talk daily, sharing every moment. We started going to movies, malls,restaurants and late night rides. Those were a memorable days in my life.We were more than just best friends, we used to hangout daily.

Know one knows when friendhsip turns into love between a boy and a girl. This started with me  in our case. Within the few months of our friendship, i started developing feelings for her. I wished to propose her but was afraid just like others of loosing her and her friendship. Keeping the feeling to my heart i used to be normal with her. She knows that i have feelings for her and she too acted in the same way. This has been going for a while.

We loved each other but didnt dare to express it to each other.  It was going smoothly so one day i decided to propose her.

I don’t why Everyone finds their own unqiue ways to propose their lover, may be to make the situation unique and unforgettable to say those 3 magical words. I too followed the same way. I planned a candlelight dinner for the special occasion and invited her saying it was a normal dinner

Everthing was set. She was not just a normal girl she is more than that.  Time flies when i was with her. So for the perfect person in my life i brought a perfect gift “A Ring” for the occassion. I was waiting for the day.

Then finally the day arrived. I was waiting at the table when she entered the hall and sat opposite to me.

She looked more  beautiful than ever  that day under the candle light. the most beautiful girl i have met.  i was amuzed by her so much that for a second i thought everthing was a dream. Frankly i never understood until that day why poets and writers wrote so much about love, but that day i was not only understanding it, i was experiencing it. Each and every  love song and love story is getting more and more relatable to me at that moment.

I was staring at her the whole time, listening her voice, seeing her smile and falling for it again and again until being disturbed by a waiter. It was such a sudden that i startled and then came back to my senses. at that moment i was not there. i was at  a beach under moonlight enjoiying the scene. After coming back to senses i have ordered the food and starting answering questions she asked me about the dinner and atmosphere.

Slowly,The right moment arrived to propose her. The atmosphere been romantic and with  a romantic song playing over, i removed the ring from my pocket and with lots of courage i have been developing for the past few days and finally  “I proposed her” with the ring and the three magical words. The Ring which was beautiful when i brought became dull and worthless before her, bcoz she had a glow of a moon. 

She was shocked all of a sudden and has given brief silence. Everyone has been watching us and are waiting for her reply.

Then she uttered  the 4 words, which changed the atmosphere.

To find out what she said and what happened next please do wait for part two. Can Anyone can guess what happened next? Please do leave your guesses in the comments below.

Hope you like my story. Please do like and share my post. 

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