Hot chocolate. Ep 2

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Hot chocolate. Ep 2

Ep 2

   “Siddhu you are already up, what makes you wake up so early?”, my mom says rubbing her eyes while squinting at me. It’s 5:10 in the morning, she just woke up. I was checking my phone again and again. I was damn nervous, I had a date that day. We met on tinter a week back, it’s my first time meeting him directly. I barely had sleep because of nervousness. Yes, I am more nervous than excited. 

                                              I took a long shower, I am so confused about what to wear.  Finally, I wore an olive green jacket under a plain T-shirt paired up over shaded denim jeans. I hope I look good and don’t look like someone who tries hard to impress. We had to meet at 11 am in a coffee shop. I went there 15 min early, I ordered hot chocolate. It’s an outdoor coffee shop, the weather is not so bright today and a little breezy perfect for a date. Everything is in my favor except for my heart and thoughts. 

                                       It’s 10:55 already, I kept looking at the entrance. Someone opened the door, I barely recognized him until he was a foot away from me as I only saw him in his Tinter profile. Sunshine through trees was falling on his face subtly. A gentle friendly smile blossoming on his face when I looked at him. He is wearing a sky blue plain shirt over black trousers. Yes, he dressed pretty formally. I was little flustered though managed to smile back. I bet he noticed I was shy and nervous ughh..

                                        (  ohh I’m extremely sorry it’s been one and a half ep and I still didn’t introduce myself. Name is Sidharth and yes I am gay and yes, my parent doesn’t know that I am homo except for a few friends).

                                              “What would you like to have,” I asked him even though I can’t think straight. He is damn handsome, he outshines me. I felt like nothing in front of him. He is about 6 feet in height and has broad shoulders, he slicked back his hair perfectly. He looked like a tough guy, he had tanned skin which I find very attractive. “I smell chocolate,”  he said with a goofy smile. “Thank you, I would like to have an iced americano double shot,” he says while taking my drink. Wow, I rolled my eyes mentally.

                                   I was so nervous I ordered a non-caffeine drink. He looked calm and a little cheery. We had awkward silence for a few seconds. “So you are a desert person huh,” he says to me while drinking my hot chocolate. “Yes, pretty much,” I responded. Ughh again this awkward silence. I asked him how far he read the novel. I mentally rebuked myself for abruptly asking such a lame question. He looked up and said, “I barely finished 10 pages while giving a goofy simile”. “Nerd you are”, he said to me. I chuckled and responded, “thank you Mr.Goon”. “I’m into video games and outdoor games,” he said.

                                 He talked about his favorite games for a while, his face instantly lightened up while he was speaking about them, I didn’t interrupt him anywhere instead I quietly enjoyed his beautiful elated face. We talked about our hobbies and interests as we already texted and talked about our basic personal and professional side.

   Our hobbies are so contradictory except for football. After a while, I noticed I was not nervous instead I was comfortably conversing with him. He didn’t look like a talkative person but damn he talks too much. he is a good listener too, although I didn’t talk much. He cracked some goofy jokes to lighten up the mood between us.  

                                      His phone rang abruptly, he answered it quickly. Apparently, he has work today. He is a freelancer. “Time went by so fast”, he said. “Sorry, I should visit my client, it’s urgent,” he said with a husky voice. He left after I took the cab. 

     So many thoughts were running in my brain. I didn’t think of my ex all this time I spent with him. I promptly remembered old memories with my ex all at once. I am still healing from my past relationship. I don’t know if I took the right step to forget all the past I had with my ex and ready for a new relationship. 

My phone buzzed, I got a text message. It was from him, it said ” I’ve had a lovely time, Siddhu. I’d really like to see you again sometime soon”.

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