Saturday Motivation.

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Saturday Motivation.

Aah. I think this always the post which I wanted to write. Motivation is one of my hidden talents! ???? ( ** Assumption ** ) . If you do find this post as motivating drop a vote! It means a lot. 

I used to be a person who never had the satisfaction on anything which I have or own. I wanted always something much better. Never contented or satisfied. I had that hunger for obtaining which others had. Like I was jealous when had something better than me either in traits or materialistic things.

I thought this was normal with experience and age it will become normal. But as I grew my appetite increased. I wanted more and more. I wanted to excel in every single way. I wanted to be the best not in the case of knowledge but in the case of power, money, owning things, becoming rich, showing off. 

If a person had a 15k phone I wanted a 30k phone. If someone had a better camera, I wanted one too which was way good than theirs. If one had a boyfriend, I wanted one who was much better and superior to their boyfriend. If one had a job, I need a job with better pay than others. I wanted something always way better than my peers. 

This hunger and thirst for having better than others killed me from inside. I behaved like a machine trying all those things to better than my group. To show that I am better than them. I wanted my peers to get jealous of me for being such a person. I wanted to see that expression on their face. That gave me the ultimate happiness. 

Because of all this, I started to expect way too much from my short life. All of the hunger I had was growing too much and I was out of control. I accused and blamed every single thing. Never saw any positive. Never did accept what I have. I was running behind something which I never was.  Accepting that I had flaws was like hurting my pride… so-called my ego. 

One day I laid down on my couch and I started to think what is that I really want? Why am I wanting some to praise me or become jealous of me? Why do I want to become superior? Why? Is this all necessary? How long am I going to run like this? Will I be ever happy?  The immediate answer my conscious gave was ” NO “. ” You aren’t happy. You need to accept the way you are.” ” you have to just let go all these feels, accept what is coming by your way, and if possible change it”. 

It was way too difficult for me to accept that I had negatives. I had flaws. Yes, I had them. But the day I accepted I felt some kind of relief. I felt a huge burden was removed. I started to pray, I started to believe that the way I am is the best version of myself. I needn’t show anyone what I am good at. When the time comes everything will come in my way. I just need to have an open mind with no judgements nor expectations. I just stopped thinking about what other people have better than me. 

Yes, Initially it was very very difficult but believe me You are the best. All you need is a push. you will get that push the day you believe in yourself. Forget about what other’s have. Concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on leading life happy.

Leading life is like building a home on the best land. You need a proper plan, Your foundation must be strong, the pillars, columns and beams must be rock solid to bear the pressure. Then goes the roof to protect your home. The design of the interiors has to be pleasing. Like when you look at them you must get a feeling aah! this is my paradise. Finally the colour you paint to your home makes you look much more elegant and stand out. 

So, Make a proper plan of what you want to do, become or gain from life. Lay down your foundation. Make your instincts rock solid so that they can bear any amount of pressure from the outside world. Lay down the roof to protect yourself from negativity. Build your interiors with emotional and mental balance. This is where your heart and mind are at peace. Finally, Paint yourself with confidence, elegance and strength. 

If you are able to do this. Baam! You are successful already! Never delay my friend. “Chalo, Aaj hi Karte subhaarambh naye Zindagi ka”

Until the next post, Tschuss! 

In case we are meeting for the first time this is Monica! The nerdy Storyteller!

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