Secret buried..

“Laura! Get up. We need to get out of here before he gets up..!” I can faintly hear the sound.. Who is it..? Adam?… Is it Adam? Trying to get up, every effort in va8 min


“Laura! Get up. We need to get out of here before he gets up..!” I can faintly hear the sound.. Who is it..? Adam?… Is it Adam?

Trying to get up, every effort in vain, I can see my bleak future of death ahead… Blood soaked.


(A week ago)

College had always been a dreadful experience for me, I would rather ditch the class and hang alone in woods than ever see all these fake freaks. But you know, credits count, I hang out with Saira, well she isn’t as fake as others and quite stood up for me.

The vacation had just got over and I already dread over the fact of it. On top, Saira is ignoring me for some unknown reason.. I mean she had never behaved in such way, she would always tell me what bothered her… She was pretty straight forward. I kept nudging her over the fact if I had done something wrong to which her keen reply was “No, I’m just a bit tired”. Well, all the time? For the first, she probably wasn’t lying, she did look pale and withered. Maybe just academic stress. Whatever, I ‘m pretty sure she’ll be fine in no time… I hope. Classes went by and I ditched almost half of them… They really were a mess, Saira unlike other times kept herself attending all the classes… She would shiver half time during lunch and was more than alert, she was unquestionably vary of some reason which I definitely don’t know, I preferred to stay silent and opted to hear her only when she wanted to tell me.

It’s been almost 2 days now and she’s growing more sceptical. And what’s strange? She prefers to hang out with Adam. The very Adam who insulted her on the first day of college for her ill reputable sense of fashion according to him, the very person who would pull pranks on her just without any reason. She hated him… Just what’s happening? Am I missing something?

I faced her on this to which she exclaims that Adam is now her boyfriend.

I’m shunned. 

She said she could no longer hang out with me and that I was way out of her league now. I could just tell that it wasn’t her speaking.

” Saira, this isn’t you? Is he blackmailing you or something? …”. She cut me off in middle and said “Look this is none of your business, and don’t you dare poke your nose in this, you don’t know anything about either me or Adam. Just stay away from us”. I don’t know why this just puts up the oil to the fire, I’m certainly pissed off.

I could hear them while passing by them regarding the plan of some farmhouse and hanging out at night…. I hope she’s just safe with them. That night while I was strangely tense and while putting myself to bed I get a call from an unknown number.


“Listen Laura, I need to tell you I’m sorry, I was forced to be this.. I’m scared.. I’m stuck here. Help me Lau…” there’s are sudden beep and the phone got disconnected. I tried calling back, but in vain. I steady myself and put my hoodie and jeans on. I drive to her place and call her, she doesn’t answer. In the dimly lit light by her place I see a masked man getting on the bike, is that blood? I see as a thick red fluid drips by the hand. Was he hurt? He anyways gets on his bike and gives a sudden turn towards me, I jerk, he drives past me. I don’t give much thought to it. I bang the door, when I remember I heard them talk about some farmhouse, I really wish I eavesdropped on them back in college. All I could do was just go back home and hope she was fine.

Next day, as soon as I could, I drive my way to her place only to find police and ambulance at her place.

I was blank. 

I tried getting in, praying everything was fine when a stretcher arrives… The sight of the very corpse on it makes me go dizzy. It was Saira.. She was dead. Her throat slit, wrist and legs full of cuts… blood soaked.

The Police claimed it was a murder, and that it happened last night around 10. It was exact time when I came to her place, why didn’t I hear anything from inside?


It’s been a day since the last rites were performed, she was laid peacefully in her coffin and bid her farewell to this world. Thinking about it just brings shivers and tears, I couldn’t do anything to save her when I suddenly realise I saw a man that night. I decided to go to police and tell everything I know, about the farm house thing I heard, the man I saw that night and her behaviour, but when I arrived the police, everything was in vain. They said they had already done their interrogation and Adam was not a suspect. I didn’t know what to do, so I take the case in my hands.

I go to her place to find nothing but stains of blood. Everything was already taken by police for further investigation. I decided to keep a tab on Adam. Adam although looked terrible at her demise, I knew he wasn’t just playing around. He looked exactly as scared as Saira looked a week ago. 

The night, I decided to sneak by to his place to find evidences I can. I ring his doorbell, no one opens it for a few minutes and just when I was about to start my detour to the other possibilities to enter, he opens the door.

He was shocked to see me.

“Hi? How may I help?”

“Umm… Can I come in?”

He peeks in once and let’s me in.

“I’m sorry for suddenly popping up, well I just wanted to know if you were fine.”

“…well it’s… You know hard to digest, we’ve only been together for few days, I’ve always liked her. The pranks and all were just to get her attention.”

“I understand. Well I have a favour to ask..”


“Can I stay over here tonight? I know it’s weird but both of us lost someone precious and I feel disgusting at home, I thought you’d be a good company ”

“Yes sure but… I need to go out for a moment in a while”

Good. I can do my search. Now all that remains is convincing.

“No problem. I can wait. Anyway I just needed some good sleep somewhere away from home. ”

“Fine then.” he sounded caring.

He showed the way to guests room and bid his goodbye and said he’ll be back in an hour.

After he left I started my search. I entered a room which resembled as if it was his… It was probably his. I searched through the cupboards, bed, drawers but all in vain, I found nothing useful.


The cupboard.

I saw something there. I rush to open it and see a picture half way out of a file. I pulled it out… There were two Adams. No it’s his twin? I pull the file out. Pictures so so many women with a cross over.

Saira’s picture with a cross on it.

I’m.. I’m shocked. I can’t move an ounce. I froze at the very sight.

Adam is a killer.

I need to get out of here. And just as I close the door. I see Adam at the doorstep of his room. 


“So sweetheart, you seemed to be so intrigued in someone else’s life huh? So how about a payback for ruining my room.”

“Adam… Let me off, I won’t tell anyone about it.”

“And you want me to believe it?”

He pushed me against the wall, my head banged hard against the wall. My head started to bleed. He took the knife from his jacket and tried to cut through me. I tried to move and kick him, thinking I could disarm him, but in vain, he held my leg and pierced the sharp knife through it.

I screeched in pain. It was unbearable.the blood was pouring out. He dragged me. Tied my hands and legs.

“Well well, I’ll tell you something, I’m not Adam. ”

“..the twin…” I tried mumbling in pain.

“You’ve had your research, now how about sending you where your friend is. Although I planned to kill you in a week, but you know you are so curious , that you won’t shut up. I knew it the day I saw you in college.” He slit my wrist several times and was enjoying the pain and agony I was through. I did not understand what happened to Adam and why did Saira fall his prey, among all these why was I meant to be killed in a week.

“People famously call me ‘the secret killer’, Oops you can call me a serial killer, just how satisfying is blood pouring out” he said licking the blood rushing through the wrist as though understanding what was running in my mind.

Just when he was about to attack my throat, someone hit him from behind…

Laura! Get up. We need to get out of here before he gets up..!” I can faintly hear the sound.. Who is it..? Adam?… Is it Adam?

It was Adam. Although leaner and lot weaker. He untied me. I know the injuries I received are deep but I get out of here.

Trying to get up, every effort in vain, I can see my bleak future of death ahead… Blood soaked.

As I tried to get up, my body totally loose and heavy with pain, the twin yanked me back and slit his own brothers throat. He hit me on the head with the base ball bat Adam had hit him earlier. I find myself dizzy and things go fuzzy as I slide into darkness.

I can feel me being dragged, grass and mud underneath. He throws me in a deeper land, I realize its a grave. 

He’s going to bury me… Alive. There’s no strength left to fight back, many questions remaining. I can feel him pouring soil on me. I can’t even see anything anymore. It feels numb, slowly losing consciousness, this is the end of me… the end of Laura, the secrets with me buried.  

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