The Crimes of the Clicks

4 min


 My story starts in the evening before supper, when I  was ready to meet Mr Alexander Roben at the west  market of Click town near the river Bare. I Dave Sealon  of Click town and I am 15.  Mr Roben is my step uncle. Mr Roben is waiting near  the cart full of fish. Ha! Hello Dave. I said ‘hello sir’. He  called me to say an important news, The MOC. ‘Dave  your mother gave me this before she died’. He handed  me a yellow parchment looked like an envelope with  red seal, I opened it, it said: Dear Davie I hope you’re well; I have to say you something  important. Your father told me once about the MOC before you born. There is a link between your father’s  death and the MOCs. There is something to do with  MOCs. Love from mother. I asked Mr Roben ‘what is MOCs?’ he knocked head  from down and squeezed his lips, as I expected he don’t know. After a few days I heard the MOCs in the  Essessian, neighbour city. 

I went to Mr Roben’s house when he was ready to go  to work in the assembly of ministry in Click town. He  pecked my aunt and wore his shining brown chappals, I  stopped him, he said ‘Not to be rude I am sorry I have  no time I have to go’ and I shouted ‘I think I know  about the MOCs’. He took me to the ford of Bare and asked me about  MOCs. I said Essessian, single word. He told me not to  go there. I have to, for my father, I said. He knows that  I was ready for the venture. He said me to be careful. I went to Essassian, in the outskirts I saw regiment,  grenadiers. I saw a revolution in the rustic. The people  were an angry crowd. I heard something like BLACK  CAT I rushed from there into the city of Essassian. Then I  understood the revolution is for the wrong, bad leader Mr Paterson black Cat. I wore a black coat and a white turban with emerald on  its middle and a feather attached to it. I asked about MOCs but all gave me funny, strange  looks but no one answered me, I thought it was for my  dress. I took a lounge in hotel Coulden. Next day I  changed my dress and went in manners and asked  about MOCs, when the looks perisisted I realized it was  because of the three strange letters M O Cs. Then an old lady with circular glasses pulled me in a  corner between two buildings, she was so closed to  me. And said with a sawing voice “Never go to Manse  of cats. Then I realized that MOCs is Manse of Cats I went to the manse of cats, it was old. I saw an old  man watering rowan which are royally decorated, they  are in the side of the midway. The old man caught my  collar and asked ‘what are you up to? eh? Who are  you?’. He-llo sir my name is D-D-Dave, Dave Seolon.  Old man’s hands became loose and took me in. I saw a  white man with torn clothes. 

A-a-re you an essan’ he  said with a weak voice. I asked him what is an essan, he answered that it is the of the people who are ready to  kill me outside, I said no, I am not an essan and said my  name. He was shocked and said ‘I am Paterson black  cat’ I was shocked and said ‘you are the bad leader. I  said that I came in search of MOCs. He asked WHY? My  father’s death. He said that he knew about my father’s  death. ‘I will say you’ he said ‘many years before your  father and I and Tom Click were best friends, Tom was  so rich as his father was a pester. Even though he used  to treat us like his brothers. We believed him but he  cheated us, he invented dark magic in your age, he  killed his own father, he killed many members who  stopped him in front of our eyes, your father stopped  him but he killed him too’ he cried and continued ‘I  supported tom when he was killing your father actually  I and Tom killed your father’ then I asked him ‘where is  tom?’ ‘now’. He said ‘he ran away!’ I left from there  and ran, I asked a horse for rent and rode it till Click  town outskirts crying’.  I reached a building I came down off saddle. Something  led me inside I saw illegal business of firearms there  and a man with cigar in his mouth. I whispered  ‘Roben?’, no-no-no-no it can’t be. It was Roben. Roben said ‘yyy-eee-sss i-i-I am p-ooo-ooo-r ROBEN’ he  taunted me. And he said me ‘I am Tom Click’. I was shocked then  he said ‘I don’t want to keep my filthy father’s name or  the old house’s name. Then I realized it was not THE MANSE OF CATS it was  THE MAGIC OF CLICKS which indicate the dark magic  which was made by Tom, I asked him how he killed my  father and he said ‘I killed him with my dark magic’  And then I realized MOCs is MAGIC OF CLICK.  He tried to kill me, he caught my throat I screamed and  kicked his tummy. He took his wand out and pointed  my forehead, I caught his hand and twisted it he  shouted ‘PROTEZO’ it pointed to his stomach, a light  came from the tip of the wand and hit his stomach, he  was stuck in a movement and fell down like a rock. I returned to click town back.

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