The Death Trap

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“Please help me out, why are you doing this to me?” Sam choked

“What have I done to you? Please save me” Sam begged,

“Help…hell…pp…He…” Sam choked and died.

“You deserve this Sam” He smirked and lifted her and placed her on the bed and coved her up with a blanket.

He put a glass beside her with had traces of milk and he mixed a sleeping pill.

“This way sir” servant escorted FBI agent Cole and his Sergeant to the room.

Upon going to the bedroom Mr. Cole could see a body covered with a blanket and a table to her right which had a glass on it.

Mr. Cole went near the bed and removed the blanket and saw a girl who was very still and had no bruises on the body and the glass had a trace of milk.

“I don’t know what happened and how did it happen? I came from Texas this morning and I found her in this state” cried Louie (Sam’s husband)

“Servant, you tell me how was Sam behaving yesterday night? Was she behaving weird or she was tired? Or anything you noticed?” questioned Mr. Cole.

“Usually Madam comes home by 9.00 P.M. and she was late yesterday, I waited till 11.00 P.M. but she didn’t turn up and I locked the place and kept the keys outside and left, sir. Today morning when I came madam was already in her room and I thought that maybe she came late and slept and I didn’t wake her up”.  Servant said.

“Mr. Louie we need to examine Sam’s body and we need your complete assistance and please don’t leave the city until this case is solved,” Mr. Cole exclaimed. Louie nodded in agreement.

“Sergeant, call the men and take the body along with the samples to Dr. Freddie and also take the fingerprints of Mr. Louie and the servant”. Mr. Cole Ordered.

“Any progress Freddie? What have you found?” Cole asked.

“Well, the glass has fingerprints of Servant and Sam. The interesting thing is that Milk has traces of Restoril (a sleeping pill). Freddie replied.

“Servant lied? That’s it? No more investigation is needed. Perhaps the servant mixed Restoril and made her drink the milk. Damn this case has no twists and turns, such a normal and boring one.” Mr. Cole muttered.

At Mr. Louie’s Residence:

“Mr. Louie did Sam use any sleeping pills?”

“No sir, she was completely healthy and fit. She never had any sleeping disorders. Why sir what happened?” Mr. Louie asked curiously.

“The glass with milk has traces of Restoril (sleeping pill) and your servant’s fingerprints were found on the glass. So, your servant might have given the milk mixed with Restoril and killed her. By the way where is your servant?”

“What? My servant? How could he?” Mr. Louie was shocked and his voice choked. 

“Yes, where is he?” Mr. Cole Questioned.

“He called up today morning and said he is ill and he won’t be coming to work today.”

“Do you have his address and his phone number?”

“Yes, sir. He lives in the 4th lane of St.Thomas Street and his house No is 81H and his phone number is +117654982751.”

“Thank you, Mr. Louie. We will get in touch with you soon.” Saying this Mr. Cole left the apartment.

It was an apartment and had only 2 houses. 81H and 81J.

 “Excuse me, is anyone out there?” Mr. Cole screamed.

He dialed up the number which Mr. Louie gave and it was out of reach.

Getting no reply from the other end Mr. Cole broke the door and barged into the house. It was a house with a small kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. Mr. Cole went into every room and investigated thoroughly and found a bottle of Restoril pills that were hidden beyond the closet in the Bathroom.

He knocked on the next door. A pretty lady came out and looked at him weirdly.

“May I know who are you?” The lady asked.

“I am Inspector Cole from the FBI. I need to know about your neighbor, he committed a crime and now he is absconding.” Mr. Cole exclaimed.

“Sure sir, please come in.” the lady invited him.

“So, Ms…?”

“Mrs. Julie” the lady corrected.

“Sorry Mrs. Julie, I want to know about your neighbor and I presume he is the only one neighbor you have.”

“Oh! John?  He is a very sweet man. He knows a lot about mechanics and he always repairs my car.” The lady said.

“Did you notice anything weird about him in the past 2 days?”

“Nope! He didn’t come home at all. He comes home by 10:00 P.M. but from the past one week I haven’t seen him.” Mrs.Juile said.

“Thank you, Mrs. Julie. I hope I didn’t trouble you much.” Mr. Cole gave a handshake and left.

Mrs. Julie’s statements and the Restoril Pills in the house gave Mr. Cole a strong feeling about John being the murderer and now that he was absconding his belief strengthened.

Mr. Cole’s phone rung and he answered a call and he left hurriedly.

“What are you saying, Freddie? Are you sure about this?” Mr. Cole asked with astonishment.

“Yes, You heard it right, Sam didn’t die taking Restoril pills instead she died with the intake of Prussic Acid (Hydrogen Cyanide). It’s a harmful gas that kills the person immediately.” Freddie claimed.

“What the hell?” Mr. Cole was puzzled.

“I presume, Sam was taken into a Cyanide gas chamber and she was choked to death. The cyanide levels are very high in the lungs. This only means that she was forcefully made to inhale that air and she was choked to death.” Freddie stated.

Mr. Cole couldn’t digest the statements and he came out of Forensic and went back to his room.

“Hello, Mr. Louie there is something important which I need to inform you. I’m coming to your home right away.”

“Sure sir.” A voice came from another end.

Mr. Cole hung up and rushed to Mr. Louie’s residence and knocked on the door. There was no response he barged into the house and to his surprise, he found Mr. Louie and the servant dead. They were brutally murdered and there was blood all over. He went near the bodies and found out that the blood was fake and it only distracted him from the original case.  He called up sergeant but he wasn’t responding. He picked up the samples himself and called up the ambulance and took the bodies to Freddie.

“Freddie, examine these bodies ASAP and tell if the blood is fake or not? I don’t even understand what the hell is going on this earth.” Mr. Cole panicked.

“Wait, Don’t Panic. I will examine.” Freddie exclaimed.

“Yes, its Fake blood, Murderer used some sort of blood capsules I guess,” Freddie stated.

“Let me do the autopsy tests and I will talk to you soon and please have some rest, you look restless Cole,” said Freddie placing his hand on Cole’s shoulder.

“Hmm” Cole replied.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cole went back to Mr. Louie’s Residence and started looking at every place thoroughly. He found a photo, which read, “Thank you, Mom and Dad!” He checked Sam’s call log and found out that logs were deleted, similar was with Mr. Louie’s phone and the servant’s phone was missing.

“Who is doing all this?” Mr. Cole Pondered.

Cole found out the address of Sam’s parents and rushed to the placed immediately. Again to his astonishment, he found out from the neighbor that Sam’s Father Akon Smith died 5 years ago and her mother died 2 months ago due to cardiac arrest.

Cole’s phone rang and he rushed to Forensic.

“Any updates Freddie?” Cole curiously asked.

“Well, these people were also killed with Prussic gas.” Freddie Stated.

“God please help me out,” Mr. Cole said in despair.

Cole went back to his room and saw a letter on his desk which read “Come to the Brooklyn valley you will know the truth.” 

Cole rushed to Brooklyn valley and found it to be deserted area and screamed: “Anyone here?”

Suddenly someone from behind engulfed him and covered his head with a cloth and stabbed in his stomach. He fell and he removed the cloth and found a Guy with a revolver in his hand.

The guy shot Cole at the center of his heart and removed his mask.

Mr. S…M…I…T…H…   Cole choked and died.

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