When it’s not so subtle…

Probably it’s not so easy for one to tell the person in front is totally admiring you… Welcome to the new world where defining sarcasm to reality has become a new..2 min


Probably it’s not so easy for one to tell the person in front is totally admiring you… Welcome to the new world where defining sarcasm to reality has become a new job. You wake up early in the morning expecting the day to just pass by and wait for the special day… Holiday my dear! Just how dreadful has it become that we forget loving what we do… Sorry we are forced to take decision on the impulse of what brings you a good future (definitely a better income I mean). Now a few would argue, we are doing what we love, kudos my dear! This darn world is so happy for you. Come on! Society’s right out to judge. Now you would say, I don’t care about them, sweetheart deep inside you do, its just that acceptance is a hard reality. Well you really don’t care? You are a saint.

Take a moment to smile and live a better day, oops! cherophobia just hit in. Anxiety is a regular customer, distress is longing partner in crime. Panting for grades is what a school student wants, better rank for God graced universities is what a high schooler wants, and just no supplementary is what a college undergraduate wants and you know what society wants? .. “Be like Sharma ji’s son”. Funny as initially all I wanted too pen down just a paragraph to make you smile. And when I read this, Oops it’s a subtle reality.

But you know what? Just be the crazy you. You think a lot? It’s totally ok, we’ve got a brain, its extra working that’s all, but just don’t stress, those grey hair won’t suit you. You get anxious? Take a break and go on a ride stop by a food court and have bite of pizza.. Drink some coke or may be have a thick shake.. Have anything you want, just relax. We all know it bothers when that friend of yours mocks, you try to laugh it out.. It did hurt, didn’t it? It’s ok to tell them, how much more can a soul take anyway. You know how it feels to be alone, yet we let the other one go through, sit by them talk to them, you realize they were actually a better company, if not you had an experience.. You’d probably know categories now. 

Enjoy the smiles of a kid, trust me nothing is as genuine as they are. Let the innocent question you, they’ll anyway grow up to live where we do now, why restrict when we know what restriction feels like.

Sometimes be sober in your own thoughts, you damn need yourself, pamper yourself a bit. 

Lastly, have a chocolate, that’s my treat XD. (Go on go buy yourself one duh)

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