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Avika had been a shy girl, never really getting along with anyone, nor was she comfortable in her own shoes. Her college life was decent, her only daunt was to get out of the college sooner for her being among people was a living nightmare. Well that was her, little did she know she was suffering from social anxiety.

She barely had friends, although she was friendly with everyone she met, she had loads of trust issues and always kept herself alone and well nothing more to expect of her as she never shared anything that happened in her life with anyone. And was very reserved.

During her final year of college in some induction programme of her internship, she met a senior of her school. Well of course neither did he know she existed in her school nor did she, well she was this lonely girl of course, how would you expect him to remember her. He just happened to look through her profile and noticed that she’s from the same school as he is. It was quite awkward for her at start to talk to him when he began a conversation but it was as if he understood she was not comfortable with it.

He tried shifting the conversation towards the programme to make her feel at ease and little did he know that they’d have a long way together. He had been so polite to ask that it would be ok to contact him regarding any necessary stuff in the programme, he sure noticed that the new environment is probably not doing her any good. She was skeptical about it but then she agreed to it. Weird she didn’t even know his name, so with all the accumulated courage she asks him his name. His soothing calm smile was probably what she needed, just when he uttered “Vaibhav” and gave her his phone number.

She had this warm feeling inside her going, making her feel everything was going to be ok as she was glancing at his contact details in her phone. Well definitely there was nothing wrong with her life, among her strict upbringing she probably never ever thought she’d ever have a night when she’d sleep with a hope that she has someone to rely on, for hope was the last thing she would want to rely on and now she finally probably has a friend.

She had a nervous day at her 1st day of internship, but when Vaibhav was there explaining her group the requisite’s, she felt at ease. She had never felt that before. No, he didn’t spend any quality time with her at work nor did he particularly do anything to make her feel special, his only presence was making her feel secure. She started smiling thinking all this when he suddenly looked towards her, and making her instantly skip a beat when he smiled in response. It was so much new to her, it felt nervous, anxious but there was this new warm feeling that made her feel alive.

Her internship proceeded with this distant warm feel at its place when one fine friday Vaibhav suddenly pops up before her and asks her if she could hang out with his group. Well it was a bit awkward as who would ask an intern to hang out but would make sense as she was his school mate. She was hesitant and almost said no when he said that she should come as he garunteed she’d have lot of fun and she should relieve the week long stress out anyway. Quite contrary to her personality, she agreed and that shocked her more indeed. She hung out with a group of complete strangers and to her surprise she was actually fine with it and why wouldn’t she be, Vaibhav was by her side the entire time making sure she was doing everything to have fun. He emanates this happy positive vibe that she just couldn’t ignore. He was like a magnet to all people around him, he made everyone around him at ease within minutes.

Well, it was late already and Avika’s anxiety was at its peak. Well if you remember I told you that her upbringing was a stricter one, well she had these time constraints, and her so called freedom bound her with timing. Oh yes, that explains her being to herself and her social anxiety atleast a bit. So, Vaibhav suddenly turns to her (Well when did he even leave her side?) and asks her ” let’s leave”. And before Avika could say anything he bids the group farewell for the week and told them that he’d dropping Avika home. Which to her sudden surprise was taken aback, well when did she even ask him to drop her? 

He got into his car and asks her to hop in, and just when she was about to say no, he simply added “Well, You’ll reach home faster this way”. Did he read her mind? Without much thinking she got in, when he started driving (of course he was a smooth at driving) and turning on the radio only to tune it to the channel playing old songs. Nothing new in expecting her to be anxious, when he started asking her opinion on the song, and when she turned her face towards him, he says “isn’t it just the right time, driving through the city lights and just listen to old song? sometimes it just feels right this way”, when he flashes his smile, the very one which makes her feel that everything is going to be okay, she finds herself at peace.

To be continued….

Authors note: Hey fellow readers let me know if you like it in comment section, that’ll encourage me to keep writing the updates of the stories.. and oh lemme know what you think will happen next.

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